Greetings. My name is Christian Zebley. I am the President of Global Leadership Dynamics.

Global Leadership Dynamic was founded in July, 2011 to empower leaders and organizations in effective leadership skills for the 21st century and create partnerships for positive impact on our broken and hurting planet. It is our passion to encourage leaders, enhance the influence of their respective organizations and work strategically to build collaborative teams that pour life-giving change into communities around the globe.

At Global Leadership Dynamics, we believe men and women in every industry have received a unique vision for making a positive impact on their sphere of influence. Sadly, many leaders sense they carry such a vision but given the daily demands of life are never able to fully understand and implement their unique vision for impacting the lives of others. Year after year, most simply follow the corporate paradigms around them rather than pursue the personal vision they have received for changing the world. Life goes on but these leaders never reach the peak of powerfully impacting their sphere of influence.

Global Leadership Dynamics helps individuals climb this mountain through coaching and training that uncovers their unique vision and naturally results in collaboration with others for fulfilling their mandate for positive impact on the world.

I believe all organizations – businesses, government, media companies, churches, schools and non-profits – all carry a redemptive purpose for impacting the world. Through our coaching and training programs, we help leaders, their teams and their organizations discover and come into alignment with this purpose. Along the way, new skills are acquired, friendships are created and ultimately, human lives, communities and nations are transformed.

At Global Leadership Dynamics –we also understand that discerning and fulfilling your personal vision for leadership is even more difficult in this new century as our world is both changing and becoming more and more connected each day. Take a minute and look around your neighborhood, favorite coffee house, church or workplace and you will notice that the world is changing rapidly. No question, our society is clearly not the 1950s world of conformity and flat standardization, the default mode of the latter half of the 20th century. In the past century, global trends gradually chipped away at the authority and influence of age-old traditions, values and institutions. Suddenly, we find ourselves swimming in a new multicultural, technology-driven world of information where an individual can supposedly master his or her destiny with a smart phone and a credit card. However, we know this is an illusion since life is sustained by communities and institutions founded on truth, love and concern for individuals. Yet, what happens in Cairo, Rio, Beijing, Paris, New York, Jerusalem or Los Angeles on any given day does make a immediate impact on your life, no matter where you live, through constant information impacting the matrix of politics, news, technology, markets and media –effecting leaders everywhere.

Our dynamic, diverse and interconnected world, undoubtedly makes impact on your home, your business/ministry and your entire well-being. Unfortunately though, many leaders today are hiding from the dynamics of global reality by dismissing any real thinking or strategy about trends such as multiculturalism, immigration, new technologies, social media, organizational branding, youth culture and other forces that are changing the social landscape of the 21st century. The majority see these trends but don’t pay too much attention because they believe these dynamics will not make any difference to their home or enterprise. Sadly, these folks are holding onto some branch near the river bank to avoid the rapids, and consequently, their organizations lose momentum, creativity, vision and purpose. A few; however, are smartly engaging these trends to learn how to navigate global dynamics with enhanced vision, knowledge, connectivity and leadership skills – ultimately leading their organizations to a greater and more powerful impact on our hurting world.

At Global Leadership Dynamics, we believe the world is changed each day by individuals who have discovered their personal vision for leadership as well as skills for navigating today’s world. These folks then collaborate with others in a spirit of partnership and generosity. Along the way, walls are removed, prejudices are conquered and transformation is created in lives, communities and nations. We would love to have you join us on the journey.