Equipping Church Leaders in South Sudan

The Church is alive in the newest nation on the planet!  After years and years of grueling civil war between  government forces in the North and rebel forces in the South, known as the SPLA, a peace treaty was brokered in 2005 with the help of the international community, paving the way for South Sudan to emerge as a free and independent nation on July 9, 2011 following a national referendum.   The Church is spiritually alive and growing in South Sudan, an infant nation focused on hope and restoration after years of war, terror and displacement.


Training held in Aweil, South Sudan – 50 miles from contentious border with Sudan.

In February, 2013, a major door opened to bring The Alpha Course and the Dunamis program

GLD/PRMI Training Team on their way to Aweil, South Sudan.
From left to right: Rev. Christian Zebley of GLD, Rev. Frank Drake of PRMI, and Mr. Bill Server in Juba, South Sudan.

into the heart of the new nation of South Sudan.  A week of Alpha/Dunamis training was held in the city of Aweil, just 50 miles from the contentious border area with the North.  This program was enabled through a partnership between Bishop Abraham Nhial of the Diocese of Aweil of the Episcopal Church of Sudan (ECS), Global Leadership Dynamics and Presbyterian Reformed Ministries International based in Black Mountain, North Carolina.  Note:  Although Sudan and South Sudan are now two different nations, the Episcopal Church remains as one body for both the North and the South.  The Archbishop of the ECS is based in Juba, the capital city of South Sudan.


An Open Door to a New Nation

Bishop Abraham Nhial is a mission partner with Presbyterian Reformed Ministries International (PRMI), a mission and renewal organization in the Presbyterian tradition.  Abraham had requested that PRMI bring their theological training program “Dunamis” to the Diocese of

Bishop Abraham Nhial, a former lost boy, heads the Diocese of Aweil of the Episcopal Church of Sudan. Although Sudan and South Sudan are now separate nations, the ECS spans both countries. The Archbishop is based in Juba, the capital of South Sudan.

Aweil.  When he discovered that PRMI was also familiar with The Alpha Course, he requested that a Global Alpha Training  be held during the same time.  Bishop Abraham had received training in The Alpha Course during his studies for the priesthood at Trinity School for Ministry in Pittsburgh, PA.   PRMI works in partnership with Rev. Christian Zebley of Global Leadership Dynamics.  Christian is a former national staff person for Alpha USA and agreed to lead the GAT training in Aweil, South Sudan held from January 31 – February 2, 2013.  Forty priests attended the GAT followed by Dunamis training.



An Outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Aweil, South Sudan

Alpha and Dunamis were well received by the 40 priests gathered for training in the

Participants in the GLD/PRMI sponsored Alpha/Dunamis training held in Aweil, South Sudan in February, 2013. Bishop Abraham Nhial hosted the training for priests throughout the Diocese of Aweil. This picture was taken in front of a Episcopal Church of Sudan building constructed by Samaritan’s Purse.

Diocese of Aweil.  During the ministry time on the second day, all the priests came forward for prayer in one group!  And one man who just happened to be in the room announced that he was “far from God” and gave his life to Christ on the spot!   The team prayed for every man in the room.  Many of the priests shared stories of their suffering and received prayer for healing.  God’s presence was thick and powerful.  Pastor Daniel, the priest who hosted the event in his local church building, praised God for the teaching – for the fact that he had “learned the Holy Spirit was a person today”!   He said, “We need to share this person of the Holy Spirit with all the people in our churches!”   As we closed in song, everyone beamed in joy and worship. One pastor began to sing a beautiful, joy-filled solo, just a few moments before, the team had prayed for this man to be free of dizziness and chest pain!



a A proud priest holds his graduation certificate from the Alpha/PRMI training held in Aweil, South Sudan from January 31 – February 6, 2013.

All the priests showed great interest in beginning the Alpha course in their home parishes.  GLD is now working with Bishop Abraham and the Director of Evangelism of Aweil Diocese for a coordinated start of Alpha Courses in April, 2013.   In partnership with Alpha Uganda, efforts are being made to purchase Alpha kits for the rural African context: just $20 USD will purchase the cost of these materials for one course including shipping from the Alpha office in Kampala, Uganda to cities in South Sudan.   Materials are also being sent for the next Dunamis event to be held in September, 2013.   Many priests are also requesting more Audio Bibles that were sent by Christ Community Church – Montreat in September, 2012.   Some of the priests reported using their “Radio Bibles” for worship and church school programs and even open air preaching since so many South Sudanese do not read!  An Audio Bible may be purchased for $40 USD.


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