This is another update from the team in Japan.  This time Ben Cheek shares his thoughts on what they have seen and experienced.



Yesterday we toured communities along the coast that were devastated by the tsunami. The scale of it all is incredible: far too much for words. It’s like an F5 Tornado hit every bit of civilization for 400km, replacing towns and cities with massive mounds of wreckage.

In many of these places rebuilding may not be possible. The buildings could be put back up, but the people have moved away in search of work. Who would want to return to a place that has proved so vulnerable to the powers of nature?

The Japanese pastors in these communities are showing tremendous courage. They continue to minister even in places of so much loss, but most have lost much of their church population and you can see in their eyes how uncertain the future is.

One thing is for sure: God makes man resilient.  Even those who don’t know him astound us that they continue on in the face of insurmountable challenges.

~ Ben Cheek

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