The following is a report from Christian Zebley from Iwanuma in Japan.

Dear Friends in Christ,

We arrived in Japan yesterday morning, Wednesday, at 5am at Haneda airport in Tokyo after a 12 hour flight from Los Angeles. Many, many thanks to friends at Hollywood Presbyterian Church and Christ Presbyterian Church in Hollywood who helped us raise necessary funds over the weekend to purchase airfare and other expenses for Benjamin Cheek and myself as we are in Japan for two weeks. We are here to see the work being done in the areas affected by the Tsunami as Japan prepares to remember the three disasters of March 11, 2011: earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear incident. We are experiencing the Lord’s supernatural provision to make our time here possible.

Revive. Restore. Rebuild. Japan 2012We are primarily here to lay the foundation for Global Leadership Teams to come to Japan in July, 2012 to work in selected communities and projects of Northern Japan using GLD’s wholistic mission model of R3 – Revive, Restore, and Rebuild. To learn more, support us or join a team go to:

On Wednesday morning, Ben and I trudged through the slushy, snowy streets of Tokyo to join the 8am orientation at the CRASH base in the northwestern suburbs of Tokyo. CRASH stands for Christian Relief Assistance Support and Hope. We joined a group of 10 folks for this press tour of Northern Japan. I was happy to see that my Japanese speaking ability came right back as we stopped at a local police station to ask directions. After a morning orientation with several others ministry leaders, the snow was still coming down hard in Tokyo as we piled into two vans and drove through a snow storm about 200 km north of Tokyo to the farming area of Iwanuma.

We toured a neighborhood of many houses that had been abandoned after the tsunami and saw huge piles of debris stacked up since the cleanup last year. We also visited a big elementary school building that stood completely abandoned since the tsunami.

We then visited a work-team from an Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Ohio who are here rebuilding a former dentist’s office that is now being converted into a church and community center by the Reformed Church in Japan.

Afterwards, we visited the home of a farmer named Mr. Okazaki who heads up the local farm cooperative that has organized to spray the local farm land with a biological spray called “EM” containing micro-organisms to revitalize the land for the planting of crops. The tsunami brought in a huge sea-water sludge that not only destroyed homes but took away the lands ability to produce crops. Thanks to the EM spray, the farmer said they hoped to put in the regular rice crop this year.

The work here is being supported by CRASH Japan, Samaritan’s Purse and others. Our host last night was a gentleman name Mr. Kawakami, a local Christian from nearby Yamagata Prefecture, here to head up the spraying of the land. He asked us to pray that the farmers we see the love of Jesus as they work to help them recover the land. The also need to purchase a machine that will verify a safe radiation level of the produce so they can then take it to market. As we talked to the farmer, his wife made us rice balls and served tea in wonderful Japanese hospitality. We may potentially bring work teams to this village in July to help with some construction projects. See Remember Japan 2012.

Today, I am writing this in route as we head by van to another mission base of Crash in Ichinoseki where we will see the outreach being done with those living in temporary shelters. On Friday we will join the Franklin Graham Celebration of Hope as volunteers on Friday night in Sendai. Pray that Franklin will bring forth the Gospel in power to the thousands gathered in Sendai, the epicenter of the quake in March, 2011.

Please keep us in prayer as it is quite cold here in the low 20’s. Last night, we slept nice and toasty in a Japanese farmhouse on futon with hot water bottles under the blankets. I was so tired that I slept on my hot water bottle and slightly burned my stomach but I was still warm!! The Christians here are wonderfully alive with the joy of service in helping those recovering from the disaster. I enjoyed meeting several missionary children working for CRASH who are so excited to be participating in this work. Denominational walls seem to have come down to a degree and people speak openly about revival. It appears the church in Japan is rising up as salt and light.

Please keep us in prayer for safety and warmth and provision as we travel.
Protection and provision for our families at home
Opportunities to strengthen and facilitate more partnerships to advance the Kingdom of God here in Northern Japan as well as opportunities to share Jesus along the way.

Blessings and love to you all. For those who are interested in praying for us, I have included an itinerary below.

Love In Christ,


Rev. Christian Zebley
Founder and President
Global Leadership Dynamics

Stronger Leaders Impacting Today’s World

Arrival in Japan at 5am on Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ø Feb. 29: Early AM meet at CRASH HQ in Tokyo, drive to cities of Iwaki & Fukushima, stay in hotel
Ø March 1st: Drive to Ichinoseki, stay at CRASH Japan base there, meet volunteers, visit work sites, meet local people.
Ø March 2nd: Drive to Sendai, visit work sites,see Ishinomaki, see large temporary housing area, end day at opening of Franklin Graham Celebration
Ø March 3rd: church and fellowship in Sendai
Ø March 4-7 visiting various communities throughout Northern Japan for video documentation and ministry with local leaders
Ø March 7-11 visits with leaders in the Tokyo area; coordination and preparation for Global Leadership Teams in July, 2007..

March 12 – Delta Airlines 0636 departing at 12:30am from Tokyo, Haneda and arriving at LAX on Sunday, March 11th at 6:45pm